A beautifully restored homestead, the 1844 Restaurant originated with a land grant in 1756. The land was not cultivated at that time, nor were any buildings of consequence erected.

The land was later sold to James and Robert Coulter, who built the present brick farmhouse, consisting of a root cellar, kitchen, dining room, two front parlors, and four bedrooms. Each of the nine rooms were furnished with a fireplace for food preparation or to provide warmth during the winter months.

Although the exact dates of these land transactions are not known, the first recorded date is a tax assessment in 1844.

The farm was sold again, to Hiram Hill, who eventually sold it to his son-in-law, Anthony Wayne Smith, in 1893. Mr. Smith settled on the farm with his family and was actively engaged in the fruit business for many years. Later, his son

Herman Hill Smith raised standard-bred horses, for which they gained wide recognition. At that point, the farm was known as Pleasant Valley Stock Farm.

Two horses became known throughout the area: Hyland Barron, a stud, and Katrina Belle Sire, a harness-racing mare. Herman Hill Smith was an active farmer until his death in 1961. The farm was then owned by his widow until her death, when her daughter, Marie Elliott, sold the remaining property, house, and outbuildings.

Restoration began in August of 1972, and was completed on August 7, 1974, when The 1844 Dining and Keeping Room opened for business as a public restaurant, offering its customers a variety of American foods and specializing in prime rib. The authenticity of the early American homestead has been retained, with each of nine rooms featuring its original fireplace, woodwork, and china closets.

The root cellar, with beautiful fieldstone walls and a ceiling-high fireplace, has been converted to the Keeping Room, where one may enjoy a leisurely dinner. Opened in December of 1974, the Lantern Room accomodates banquets and private parties.

The 1844 Restaurant is owned and run by original proprietor Robert Gorelli. Playing an integral role in our community's history, the 1844 Restaurant specializes in fine food and gracious dining.

We hope you enjoy your visit.